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What are the different modes of transportation of getting to your Hotel?
Our hotel is conveniently located along Newton Road, which leads to the heart of the City, i.e. Orchard Road.
The bus services available just outside the hotel’s entrance are: -
SBS no: 143, 162, 124 and 54, which will bring you to all parts of Singapore, including Orchard Road (only 4 bus-stops away).

Subways (MRT)

The other transport alternative would be by the subways (MRT).

The subway (MRT) stations are also linked to the Changi Airport and as well as to   most parts of Singapore. MRT provides a very convenient mode of transportation to all parts of Singapore.

Simple directional maps are available at all prominent points of the subway stations (MRT) to guide travellers to their desired destinations.

The subway stations (MRT) are also manned to guide or assist travellers personally should the explanation of the subway (MRT) routes are required.  

The minimum cost of a ride on the subway (MRT) cost 70 cents for 3 station stops.

The nearest subway (MRT) station located near to our hotel is the Novena MRT station, which is just 8 minutes walking distance from the hotel.
For further details with regard to subway (MRT) info, please visit their website

Taxi Service

Taxi is easily available at the entrance of Hotel Royal. The taxi fare is about  S$20/- to the Changi Airport & travelling time is estimated to be about 25 minutes  per way. 
The taxi ride is convenient and pleasant. As all taxis are equipped with a meter reader, you may request for a receipt from the driver upon reaching your destination.

How do I go to Orchard Road?
You may take a bus ride from service SBS no.54, 124, 143 and 162, the subway  (MRT) from the Novena Station or take a taxi from the hotel’s entrance to Orchard Road, which is only about 5 minutes’ drive from our hotel.
How do I get a taxi from the hotel?
Please inform the bellmen to hail for a taxi and they would be pleased to do it for you.
Alternatively, booking of taxi service is also available and can be done through the telephone operator. The cost of a taxi booking is S$4.20 in addition to the meter fare.
Does your hotel provide transfer to the airport?
Currently we do not have airport transfer service from airport to hotel and vice versa. However, taxis are easily available at the airport and also at the hotel’s entrance. Please approach the hotel’s bellman or reception staff for taxi service.
How do I get from the airport to Hotel Royal?
Please take the subways (MRT) (please refer to MRT website @ for more details) or take a taxi from the airport (estimated normal fare is below S$25/- per way). 
Q29. How long does it take to travel from the hotel to the airport?
The normal traveling time to the airport is about 20 minutes.
Q30. Which route should I take if I were to drive from Malaysia to your hotel?
After clearing the Singapore Immigration & Customs Checkpoint, proceed by:
1. BKE (Bukit Timah Expressway) towards the direction of the city.
2. After the BKE exit, travel by PIE (Pan-Island Expressway) & exit to Stevens Road.
3. Next, turn into Bukit Timah Road enroute Dunearn Road.
4. At the end of Bukit Timah Road turn left for Newton Road.
5. Travelling along this way, you will see Hotel Royal on the right side the road.