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Q8. How many rooms & suites are there in Hotel Royal?
There are altogether 331 suites and rooms in our hotel.
Do you have any Family Rooms available for a family of 2 adults & 2 small children?
Yes, we do have more than 150 Family Rooms available. Our Family Rooms are very convenient and comfortable for families sharing a room.
Q10. Does your hotel have a swimming pool?
Yes, the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool on level 1.
Q11. What is the operating hour of the swimming pool?
The swimming pool is opened daily from 7 am till 11pm.
Is there a business center in your hotel & what are its operation hours?
Yes, we do have a business center in our hotel & it is located in the lobby, next to the reception counter.
The business center is opened 24 hours & facilities available at the business center includes printing, broadband internet access, PC usage, IDD, etc.
Q13. Do your hotel have internet broadband facilities?
Yes, we do have *internet broadband facilities in our hotel.
For internet broadband access, please purchase the special internet broadband vouchers from the Front Desk cashiers’, which is opened 24 hours.
Guests may use the computers at the business center for internet access if they did not bring along their own notebooks.
*Hotel’s internet broadband facility is on wireless capability.
Q14. What type of voltage do you have in your rooms?
We have:
- 110V: For American appliances (e.g. shavers)
- 230V: For local appliance (e.g. hand phone charger, notebooks etc)
Q15. What type of multi-plug system do you have in your rooms?
We have multi-plug systems that can fit almost all plugs
(Please see picture below)

Q16. Do you have hair-dryers in your rooms?
Yes, we do have hair-dryers in our rooms’ bathrooms.
Q17. What is your hotel’s check-out time?
Our hotel’s checkout time is at 12 noon daily.
May I leave my luggages in the hotel even after I have checked out from my room?
And whom do I approach?
Yes, you may leave your luggages with our bellmen after your checkout.
Kindly approach any of our friendly bell-counter staff in the lobby for luggage
How do I make IDD calls from my room?
Please dial ‘7’, followed by the country code, area code and the telephone numbers. The hotel’s telephone operator on duty will be happy to assist you in making the long distance call if you require any assistance.

Where can you recommend some local delights or food & drinks during the wee hours of the morning?
The hotel’s Trishaw Coffee House, which is opened 24-hours offers a wide choice of local and western delights. Located at the lobby level, the Trishaw Coffee House which is specially designed in Perankan style creates a very warm ambience, making dining in the outlet an unforgettable experience. 24 hours room service is also available for the guests who prefers dining in the comfort of their rooms.

For the more adventurous, the Newton Food Centre is opened daily from 6.00pm till the wee hours of the morning. Walking distance from our hotel to the food center is about 10 minutes. Local delights such as the famous Satay, Chicken Rice, Chilli Crabs and other popular fares are available at the food center, just to name few.

Which is the nearest subway station from Hotel Royal?
The nearest subway station is the Novena MRT station. It is about 8 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Is shopping convenient from Hotel Royal & where can I buy the latest electronic and electrical devices and products?
Yes, there are two main shopping malls within walking distance from our hotel. Novena Square, which is located within the Novena MRT station itself, and United Square Shopping Center, which is just across the road.

For other popular shopping areas, we recommend shopping at the Orchard Road, as there are abundance of shopping arcades and the area is well-known as the Shoppers’Paradise.

Travelling time from our hotel by vehicle to Orchard Road is just a 5 minutes’ drive. The subway (MRT) from the Novena MRT station can also bring you to the Orchard Road and you can alight at the Orchard MRT station.

Other interesting shopping spots to explore would be the Chinatown, Little India, Bugis Junction, Raffles Place, just to name a few. All within easy reach of the subway from our hotel. For more details, please request for places of interest shown on the local maps from the hotel’s reception counter.

The 2 most popular malls for sale of electronic and electrical products are Sim Lim Square Complex and The Funan IT Mall. Both shopping malls are conveniently located and houses the latest electronic and electrical devices and products.

Which is the nearest hospital from your hotel?
The nearest hospital would be the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, which is just 10 minutes drive from our hotel.