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Where can I exchange foreign currency in your hotel?
You can have your currency changed conveniently at the Front Desk Cashier’s counter, which is opened 24 hours.
Where can I find information on shopping areas in Singapore?
Maps of Singapore are available at the Front Desk.
On the maps, you may find many useful information like shopping centers, places of interest and many more tourists’ information. Should you have any problems, please approach our Front Desk staff or Bellmen on duty and they will provide you with the information that you need.
Where can I get information about entertainment outlets in Singapore?
For this, you can get the information from the Singapore Tourism board at or type in this portal page http//>
What is the common language in Singapore?
In Singapore English and Mandarin are commonly spoken. There shouldn’t be any problem asking for directions when you are on the streets as all Singaporeans are very friendly and approachable.
Q43. Are slippers provided in the hotel room?
Yes, slippers are provided.
Q44. Are toothbrush and toothpaste provided?
Yes. We do provide toothbrush & toothpaste upon guest’s request.
What time does the breakfast start and end?
Breakfast is served at the Coffee House on the 1st floor. It starts from 6.30am till 10am.
Q46. Can I make a late check out?
Late check out is subjected to room availability.

Where would you recommend some of the popular tourist attraction in Singapore?
Some of the popular tourist attractions are:-
Jurong Bird Park ~ Singapore Science Centre ~ Singapore Botanic Gardens ~ Singapore Zoological Gardens ~ Night Safari ~ Sentosa Island ~ New Monorail Service ~ Asian Civilisations Museum

Jurong Bird Park

Getting there - The most convenient way to reach Jurong Bird Park is by taxi. Alternatively please take bus service 194 or 251 from Boon Lay subway (MRT) Station.

Jurong bird Park boasts of 8000 birds from over 600 species, boggling the mind with creatures of all sizes & feathers. The world’s tallest man-made waterfall is famously found in a huge walk-in aviary. Another colossal enclosure has since been built with a high canopy board walk to admire flapping birds from Southeast Asia at eye level.

Telephone number:- 62650022
Opening hours :- 8.00am to 6.00pm daily.
Address:- 2 Jurong Hill

Singapore Science Centre

Getting there - From Jurong Bird Park, take bus service no 251 to Boon Lay Bus station to Jurong East station and walk to the Science Centre.

A new generation museum and repository of interactive scientific attractions, the Science Centre puts the wonderful joy of discovery front & center. Attractions include Amazing Electrons, Aviation, Dinosaurs, Chemistry, Human Body, The Mind’s Eye and Water Works. Altogether there are more than 750 audiovisual and interactive exhibits and many are simply mind blowing, especially for jaded adults.

Telephone number:- 64252500
Opening hours:- 10.00am to 6.00pm
Address:- 15 Science Centre Road

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Getting there - Take bus service no. 54, 124, 143, 162 from the bus stop right in front of the hotel. The bus fare will be $0.90. Alight at the bus stop in front of Far East Plaza, along Scotts Road and board bus service no. 105. Alight at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Travel fare for this bus service will be $0.90

The grand old dame of gardens was begun in 1859. What surprises many is that, with its thousands of collected plant species and 52 ha of forest, it remains one of the world’s most important centers of botanical research. The Garden’s library and Herbarium alone has over 600,000 dried and preserved specimens.

In the Gardens, large growths of shrubs, flowers and trees encircle a scenic eco-lake. Three zones with different attractions have been cultivated each dotted with visitor facilities. A very easy introduction to Southeast Asia’s natural heritage is available in the Rainforest Trail, where half of the species are very rare forest giants.

The splendour of the national flower I son full display at the National Orchid Garden in the Botanic Gardens. Over 700 species and 2,100 hybrids are grown as far as the eye can see. The world’s largest orchid nursery has over 20,000 blooms.

Telephone number- 64717361/ 64717138
Opening hours- 5.00am to 12 midnight daily
Address- Singapore Botanic Gardens 1 Cluny Road

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Getting there - Board bus service no. 162 from the bus stop opposite the hotel. Bus fare for this part of the journey will be $1.40. Transfer to bus service no. 138 and alight at Singapore Zoological Gardens. Bus fare will cost $1.50. The total bus journey will be approximately 75min. Alternatively, you can take the MRT (subway) down to Ang Mo Kio station and board bus service no. 138.

Spread out over 28 hectares, it is home to some 3000 animals from hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles. As many as 40 species are considered endangered, which is why there is much excitement when some of them give birth to healthy birth in captivity. Two predators often demand attention. The polar bears are the only ones kept in the tropics. The lions are not the only ones, but as usual the regal beasts look and act like they own everything.

Other species are grouped with each other in peaceful coexistence. Still others can be spotted running around freely such as peacocks.

The main attractions – Primate Kingdom, Wild Africa, Reptile Garden – are famous. There are always new themes being prepared. A well-rounded experience is given by the many animal shows; up to four a day now, and the petting facilities, which lets you, get in touch to sea lions. A regular tram service toots around the zoo but the seats are always taken, it seems.

Telephone number- 62693411
Opening hours- 8.30am to 6.00pm daily
Address- 80 Mandai Lake Road

Night Safari

Getting there - Board bus service no. 162 from the bus stop opposite the hotel. Bus fare for this part of the journey will be $1.40. Transfer to bus service no. 138 and alight at Singapore Zoological Gardens. Bus fare will cost $1.50. The total bus journey will be approximately 75min. Alternatively, you can take the MRT (subway) down to Ang Mo Kio station and board bus service no. 138.

The Night Safari is situated just next to Singapore Zoological Gardens

The 40 hectare safari area, also managed by the zoo, takes advantage of a stable climate to place animals in outdoor rainforest without, at night, visible barriers between species. Predators and herbivores alike, some 1000 in total, can be seen behaving to their instincts – stalking, killing, courtship.

A 45-minute tram journey under moonlight conditions slinks through “regions” like Nepal, Africa, Burma or South America, On foot, follow the trails that stab into the darkness and skirt all enclosures. There is no obvious barricade and the animals can get very close, which is why the Night Safari is a stunning attraction.

Telephone number- 62693411
Opening hours- 7.30pm to midnight
Address- 80 Mandai Lake Road

Sentosa Island

Getting there - The journey by bus (SBS service no 143) from our hotel to the Sentosa Island is about 30 minutes. Please visit SMRT website @ for fare prices to & from hotel to Sentosa & vice versa.

However, you would have to change to another bus service at the HarbourFront Bus Interchange (look for “Sentosa Bus” display on the bus). The bus fare is S$3.00 from the HarbourFront Centre to the Sentosa Island.

The subway from the Novena MRT station will also bring you to the HarbourFront Centre*.

The HarbourFront Centre is located just across the Sentosa Island and is linked to the island by a bridge. Cable car service is also available at the HarbourFront Centre to the Sentosa Island.

New Monorail Service (Sentosa Express) to Sentosa – From January 2007

From January 2007, visitors to the Sentosa Island can hop on the Sentosa Express, an 8 minute train ride to the island. Visitors can board the train at VivoCity, which is connected to the HarbourFront MRTstation.
The fare costs S$3.00 for the monorail loop service.
Tickets to the Sentosa’s attractions will start from S$30/-.
The express has 2 stops, Imbiah Station and Beach Station.
From there, visitors can board beach trams and inter-island buses.

Sentosa is turning into a very exciting place indeed for visitors. Promoted as Singapore’s discovery island, there are great plans in store to turn it into Asia’s prime resort estate. Today, it is well worth a visit with museums, parks, golf courses, restaurants and hotels, reinvigorated from billions spent.

The most unique way to make the 2km trip to Sentosa is by cable car from Mount Faber or Harbourfront Centre, which takes 12 minutes of floating at 60 m above sea level. Here you can enjoy the scenery of much of the southern coast and marvel at how much of Sentosa remains deep green woodland. Alternatively, a causeway has been built for easy access back and fro.

Asian Civilisations Museum

Getting there- Board bus service no. 124 at Hotel Royal. Alight at North Bridge Road in front of St. Andrew's Cathedral. Walk to Asian Civilisations Museum, which is situated opposite the Adelphi. The bus fare is approximately $1.10.

The most dramatic museum in Singapore is housed in the historic Empress Place Building, constructed in the 1860s as a courthouse. The ten galleries feature different regions with their own timelines and permanent displays, of which several, such as the Buddhist-Hindu gallery simply stunning. Over three levels of artifacts and priceless pieces await the awed visitor.

Telephone number- 63327798
Opening hours- Monday: 1.00pm to 7.00pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 9.00am to 7.00pm (to 9pm on Friday)
Address- 1 Empress Place