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Q34. Does your Hotel come with any parking facilities?
Yes, our hotel provides free parking facilities for our house guests.
I am driving a foreign vehicle into Singapore.
Can I still park my vehicle in the hotel’s car park?
Only Singapore registered vehicle are fitted with an IU unit, therefore foreign vehicles can purchase Autopass cards at the immigration checkpoint or you can simply purchase a Cash Card that is available at our hotel’s coffee-house cashiers’ at only S$7.00 with a stored value of S$5.00.
How many car park lots does your hotel have?
Our hotel provides an open space car park with very ample parking space. A total of 100 parking lots are available.
I am your hotel guest. Will I still have to pay for the parking charges?
All in house guests entitled for a complimentary parking coupon.
Redeemption of car-park coupons can be done at the Front Desk Cashier’s counter 24 hours.