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How do I make my room reservation?
To make reservations, please use our secured online reservation form available on this website. Please ensure that all required fields are filled as specified on the reservation form.
Q2. When I submit my reservation form, where does my request go?
It will go directly to our Reservation Department.
How long does it take the hotel to respond to my reservation request?
Response is immediate once the reservation form is sent.
However, if you do not receive any response within the hour, please email to or duty for our follow up.
How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
An acknowledgement email will be sent to your email address to indicate that your
reservation has been accepted with a confirmation number. 
Reservations are deemed secured and confirmed without any credit card guarantee. 
However, we would appreciate if you could furnish us with your expected arrival time or email to us if there are any changes of plans to stay with us.
What happens if I encounter problem with my reservation upon checking-in?
It would be advisable to quote your confirmation number or present a copy of the reservation form upon check-in to the reception. Alternatively, you may mention your name or the name of the person reserved as reference upon check-in.
Would I be charged for any cancellation should there be any changes in my travelling plan?
Should you have any changes in your traveling plan, do email to our reservation department at or you can simply call our hotel’s main telephone number at 65 64260168 to make the necessary amendments and we will accede to your request as best as we can.
Do your hotel accepts credit cards and what type of credit card type do your hotel accepts?
Yes, our hotel do accept all major credit cards, such Amex, Visa, Mastercard, JCB  & Diners.